Dynamic Dashboard

The dashboard is dynamically configurable with a quick over-view of all action items, modules at a glance

  • Create notes
  • View recent meetings
  • View recent notifications list
  • Track execution of projects, tasks, documents, & deliverables
  • Manage Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
  • Action plan for tracking Sales Pipeline
  • Close More Deals, Quicker

Project Management

Organise your projects like a pro with Team Task. The project management module gives you tools to monitor execution of the projects, keep track of the budget, expenses, employees time & risk management. It also sends notification alerts for important milestones.

  • Manage Project Deadlines and resources
  • Risk Management for projects
  • Task management and collaboration
  • Document and file sharing
  • Expenses and time tracking
  • Planning and Discussions
  • Advanced analytics for Project & Reports

Task Management

With Team Task, you can assign tasks to employees. Keep track of the execution of tasks, get updates on the tasks with time logging & timesheets. The tasks which are overshooting deadlines will send notifications alerts to employees & their managers. Streamline the workflow of your deliverables & execution.

  • Track due dates for tasks
  • Log time for a task
  • Assign tasks to employees
  • Share documents related to tasks
  • Employees can submit tasks for review
  • Project Managers can close/reopen tasks
  • Notification alerts for assignments & completion of tasks