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Team Task is a tool to manage and grow your business. A CRM that powers your business to new heights with simplicity, mobility, & higher Sales. It is geared to deliver compelling outcomes.

Powerful CRM

We offer simple and easiest CRM which makes Sales more efficient & easier. It supports your business with technology that will make you feel comfortable & productive.

Project Management

With Team Task, access the best Project management tools to handle Shifting priorities, fast changing needs, tasks, meetings and dynamic business needs to be flexible & adaptive. Deliver compelling results amidst chaos.


Manage contacts, leads, opportunities, clients with the dynamic assignments. Track your sales with step by step conversions, automatic action plans & meeting reminders at different phases of sales cycles. Optimise your best practices & sell more efficiently.


Promote your business, reach new customers, & sale more effectively with Team Task campaigns. Run Campaigns to speed up your sales and get more contacts, leads, opportunities and clients. Use ready made templates to run different types of Campaigns for attracting clients.

What We Offer

Team task provides you Valued Services


Employee management for managing your Employees, their Departments, Designations, Hourly rate, tasks, logged time etc.


Create projects, manage team members, milestones, documents, deadlines, expenses, and other activities for your projects.


With Team Task, you can assign tasks to employees. Keep track of the execution of tasks, get updates on the tasks with time logging & timesheets.


Maintain your documents with the virtual directory & separate folders. You can upload multiple documents and share these documents with your employees

Discussion Board

Start your internal Discussion with your Employees,Departments & Team members. you can post and share your innovative idea with specific member.

Meeting Calendar

Team Task Scheduler is a powerful tool which helps you schedule your meetings, calls and appointments. You can invite employees & clients for meetings by using the team task scheduler.

3D Reports

Dynamic 3D reports with intuitive graphics for the management to take informed decisions. Build your own Reports Dynamically.


With Team Task you can manage & promote your brand like never before. The campaign management allows you to create campaigns for Email Marketing, Social Media Campaign and others.


You can manage your products, services and their sales pitch, sale region and related documents and maintain there prices book.


Measure, track & manage your opportunity with real time data & analytics. Team Task helps you organise all information about prospects, integrations & history at each step.

Customer Service

Increased efficiency to track customer tasks and key milestones for projects. Deliver better solutions, Communicate better and develop opportunities for cross selling.

Sales pipeline

Intelligent filter and lead management system helps identifying the right prospects. Improved Communication, automated action plans and triggers.

Improve Sales with Team Task

The sales velocity automation helps you to track the best opportunities and assign resources to them. The high value & top priority opportunities are important to improve the revenue for a company. The average time for closing deals will also improve when working on qualified opportunities.

In simple terms, sales velocity measures the revenue generated per day. The sales velocity Is affected by:

  • Number of opportunities
  • The average deal size
  • Win rate
  • Average time to close a deal

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